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Online Booking Rules and Requirements


The Anton Booking Officer is:

Alan Long


Online booking into Anton is available to Anton and AAC members for themselves, accompanying family and guests. Bookings can only be made by financial members and all communication and confirmation is via email, so your email address must be kept current in the system. 

Payment for online bookings can only be made with Visa or Master Card. If other forms of payment are required, bookings must be made via the Booking Officer.


Only one credit card can be used per booking, where payment needs to be split over several cards, a separate booking needs to be made for each card used.

Once the booking has been made, an Invoice will be emailed to the member for immediate payment. Failed payments, or those not made within 24 hours will cancel the booking.


If at the time you want to book there are no beds available, you can select ‘waitlist’ at step one of the booking process. If there is a cancellation you will be advised and offered the booking.


School Holiday Bookings

Bookings for the July School Holidays lodged between February 1st and March 15th will be allocated by the Booking Officer based on the following criteria:


1st       The Date the request was lodged in the system, or received by the booking officer.

2nd       Anton Members (including Juniors)

3rd.      AAC

4th.       Anton Family

5th.       Guests

During this lodgement period (from February 1st until March 15th), the booking grid will show bed preferences only, NOT confirmed bookings. At the end of this period the booking officer will allocate and confirm bookings by email based on the priority criteria.

Since bookings lodged during this period represent ‘requested preferences’. You can still lodge your booking for those beds (i.e. beds shown as taken in the booking grid). The system allows this only for July school holiday bookings logged between February 1st and March 15th. After that time, and for all other bookings at all other times, the grid shows confirmed bookings

Since lodged booking requests (as shown in the booking grid from February 1st through March 15th) do not indicate a person’s priority (Member, AAC, Family or Guest), a person with a higher priority could be allocated that bed, so it is important that you indicate secondary bed preferences or special booking requirements/limitations to the booking officer in the comments field so that the booking officer can consider these during the allocation process.


Wherever possible (in keeping with the priority system) bookings will be allocated their preferred beds/rooms.


Note: Booking priority will be based on the lowest tariff category in the booking e.g. A booking with a member and family will have higher priority than a booking with member and guest. If you have mixed booking categories in your party, and you want to ensure that the highest priorities are accommodated you need to make separate bookings for each category. 


From March 15th to March 18th bookings for the school holiday period will be frozen while the booking office completes the bed allocation process.


You will be emailed your room and bed allocations by March 18th, booking acceptance will require immediate payment by Credit Card as per AAC rules.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please contact the Booking Officer.

Sports Week Bookings

A non-refundable surcharge is applicable to ‘Sports Week’ bookings to pay for the weeks ski lessons and races, is applicable to all members and guests staying at Anton during that week. If you haven’t selected the surcharge for each person in your booking (at step 2 of the booking process), your booking will have the status ‘Waitlisted’, pending review and authorization if applicable, by the booking officer.

Cancelling Bookings

Members can cancel their bookings online, or by contacting the Booking Officer. The booking system will apply the applicable credit to the Members account.

Refund Policy

Applications for cancelled booking refunds must be made in writing to the Anton Committee by the end of the season with a copy of the booking system cancellation acknowledgement email.

Days Notice before first day of Booking


More that 28 days before


Less than 14 days



AAC Booking Priority Periods

The AAC booking priority periods are as follows:




Ski Season Week and Mid Week 5 day bookings


Members booking into their own lodge


From February 1st


AAC members booking into other AAC lodges


From March 1st


Spouse and children of an Anton member accompanied by that member in at Anton


From March 8th

Spouse and children of an AAC member accompanied by that member in their own lodge



Non member guest accompanied by a member


From March 15th


Season Tariffs

There are three tariff periods: Summer, Peak Winter, Off-peak Winter. The tariff rates in the ski season are:

Week – 7 nights, beginning either Friday or Sunday night.

Midweek – 5 nights beginning Sunday

Midweek night – Any of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights

Weekend – 2 nights beginning Friday

A non-refundable surcharge applies to Club Sports week for lessons and the racecourse.

Children under 4 (at the time of their stay) stay free when staying in their parent’s room not using one of the lodge beds. eg in a Portacot. No free U4 children in the bunk rooms. If booking a bunk room they must take and pay for a bed.

Children under 18 years (at the time of their stay) stay free for during the Off Peak Winter season, with a limit of 2 per couple of accompanying adults.

Members are responsible for the behaviour of their guests.

An adult must accompany members and guests under 18.

Winter Season Booking Rules:


‘Full Week’, and ‘5 day Mid Week’ stays can be booked at anytime after bookings open on February 1st.

For a Weekend or anything less than four nights:

·      Members can book 28 days prior to the first night of stay

·      Other AAC members and Member Family can book 16 days prior to the first night of stay

·      Guests can book 15 days prior to the first night of stay

Any midweek bookings running into the weekend must include both Friday and Saturday nights.

Members are not to book ‘one person’ into a double, queen or king room unless authorised in advance by our booking agent (i.e. Rooms,1 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14).

All single person bookings require the gender and age of the person to be entered into the system.

Best efforts will be made but no guarantee of male only or female only bunk rooms or twin single rooms. Bunk rooms and king single twin rooms can be booked on a unisex basis at the discretion of the booking agent and reference to the committee to ensure that maximum member usage is made possible.